At EVRWLD, we believe in curtailing the madly accelerated world, consuming less and sharing meaningful life experiences with one another. We hope to raise consciousness and awareness of the frequencies we put into the planet and the reverb that returns through our pulsing seas, atmosphere, mountains, trees, soil, wildlife and sounds.

There’s never been a greater need to ease the current momentum in plastic consumption. Through science and design we've created EVRWLD, a biomaterial science brand producing textiles and products derived from renewable waste systems that are truly home compostable- so you can focus on the encompassing beauty instead of the waste. We're rooted in regenerative rhythms, forever drifting through the wild, leaving only a thriving biological environment for future generations.


EVRWLD Philosophy


Where have humans put the well-being of mother earth? Our current route is leading us to ecological destruction, dehumanization, disconnection from necessary indigenous wisdom and the outdoors. The current throwaway convenience culture must die.


Every piece of plastic produced since the invention of Nylon (1938), polyester (1941) and PET (1973) still exists. Recent tests show humans consume between 39k-79k plastic particles a year, damaging the immune system, disrupting endocrine systems and effecting overall gut biome. Nanoplastics(the size of a virus) that shed from apparel and other mediums can pass the blood- brain barrier, penetrate embryo walls, affect hormones and modify genetic information of cells. 

New PLA technologies are NOT the solution.

The solutions lie within product education, smarter consumption habits and materials derived from polysaccharides and nature.


History in Fashion

After 18 years in the apparel industry, I've loved it and questioned it. There's a joy in working with the vast talents within the largest outdoor and sport brands in the world, watching visions come to reality hitting the market with success.

In contrast, I've seen firsthand the impact of massive waste during the urgency to stay "relevant" and "on-trend" in the reckless, disposable fashion world, where reinventing objects every six months for a broken fashion-apparel model is the norm.


The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally- seventy million barrels of oil are used each year to produce the world's polyester fiber alone.  It is estimated that 60 percent of all clothing ends up in a landfill or is incinerated within 1 year of purchase. In the last 21 years, the use of synthetic fibers has increased by 72 percent worldwide and 8 billion plastic hangers are thrown into landfills every year. This is not a joy, but of a horrific trajectory.


Let's stop depleting human and wildlife surroundings and get busy creating a holistic model that regenerates our ecological community.  


Our solution at EVRWLD is to flip the current design process, starting first with the innovation of disposal and "home" biodegradation and soil regeneration, moving on to product purpose and ending with great design.

As we arrive in this new altered Epoch or geologic time period, it's essential to shift the paradigm toward communities and businesses that foster regenerative systems, focus on purpose, consume less,

 farm biodiversity, treasure local food, utilize compostability, support Bcorp organizations, eradicate racism, back environmental activism, support product transparency, address fair wages for factory workers, fix broken products and lengthen lifecycles while reducing-ending plastic use.


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